sábado, 16 de febrero de 2008


Amidst the stars of the virtual world
Strangers meeting by chance or destiny’s call
Speaking of life, listening not judging
Our stories entwined in nature if not in fact
And as if by magic like in mirrors we see ourselves

Simple words uncover common thoughts
Lives in different times and places, but so alike
We understood because we know
That somehow fate has weaved its magic thread
Friends and soul mates now we are

Yet we are not free, of honour or care
And wonder how could be the day
When flowers replaced our bonds
And our hearts would find their homes
Different tales yet the same story

And as our hearts unfurl
We open our innermost thoughts
A friendship born with kindred spirit
We smile and laugh
To know and be known

We speak of all with no fear
But with care and thought
Kindness beating in our hearts
Wanting for the other
A hope a dream a life to be

Our sweet friendship
Was born in freedom’s veil and shielded from the day
And now as I hold you close my friend
We see another place heralded by distant drums
It’s our land; a place to be, a dream maybe.

By a special friend... thank you very much.

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